About DCTA

Who We Are

DCTA has nearly 4,000 members representing educators throughout Denver Public Schools. We are all dedicated professionals working to create the Schools Denver Students Deserve. Our leadership includes four elected Executive Officers, 16 board members and countless members serving on committees and special teams to work on behalf of all DPS educators.

What We Believe

DCTA believes public education is the gateway to opportunity. The following six core values guide our work, define our mission and inform everything we do together:

Equal Opportunity

We believe public education is the gateway to opportunity. All students have the human and civil right to a quality public education that develops their potential, independence, and character.


We believe that the expertise and judgment of education professionals are critical to student success. We maintain the highest professional standards, and we expect the status, compensation, and respect due all professionals.

A Just Society

We believe public education is vital to building respect for the worth, dignity, and equality of every individual in our diverse society.


We believe partnerships with parents, families, communities, and other stakeholders are essential to quality public education and student success.


We believe public education is the cornerstone of our republic. Public education provides individuals with the skills to be involved, informed, and engaged in our representative democracy.

Collective Action

We believe individuals are strengthened when they work together for the common good. As education professionals, we improve both our professional status and the quality of public education when we unite and advocate collectively.


Executive Officers

President: Rob Gould (he/him)

Direct office line: 720-689-5987
Email: DCTApresident@coloradoea.org

Vice President: Moira Casados Cassidy (she/her)

School line: 720-423-6000
Email: moiraccassidy@gmail.com

Treasurer: Amy DeFusco (she/her)

Secretary: Kathryn Fleegal (she/her)

Board of Directors

Sector A (Northwest)

  • Patrick Jiner (he/him)
  • Rae Jones (they/them)
  • Will Adams (he/him)

Sector B (Northeast)

  • Katherine Kopp (she/her)
  • Clint Moore (he/him)
  • Jennifer Honka (she/her)

Sector C (Southwest)

  • Kris Bethscheider (she/her)
  • Dez Baldonado (she/her)
  • Alicia Lee Rhodes (she/her)

Sector D (Southeast)

  • Jennifer Holtzmann (she/her)
  • Abby Olsen (she/her)
  • Toni Falcón (she/her)

Itinerant Sector Directors

  • Mary Lintz, OT (she/her)

CEA Board Members

CEA Board Member: Dr. Timothy Brown

CEA Board Member: Robert Armagost

CEA Secretary-Treasurer: Amber Wilson

Executive Director: Rita Haecker (she/her)

Lead UniServ Director: Kate Martin (she/her)

Northwest UniServ Director: Rachel Brown (she/her)

Northeast UniServ Director: Alex Borenstein (they/them)

Southwest UniServ Director: Faviola Armendariz (she/her)

Southeast UniServ Director: Emily Wytiaz (she/her)

Communications Director: Angelina Ursetta Reed (she/her)

Phone: 720-663-7618
Email: AUrsetta@coloradoea.org

Bookkeeping and Membership: Darrell Pate (she/her)

Phone: 303-831-6088
Email: Dpate@coloradoea.org

Member Services: Diana Hernandez (she/her)

Phone: 303-831-6098
Email: Dhernandez@coloradoea.org

Partnerships and Affiliations

DCTA’s recognized education leaders, including classroom teachers and specialized service providers, are proud to be affiliated with a number of organizations, including the 40,000-member Colorado Education Association (CEA) and the 3.2 million-member National Education Association (NEA).