COLAs and Compensation

COLAs and Compensation

In 2022, we fought hard and secured a financial agreement of a full COLA plus steps and lanes, contingent on school funding determined by the legislature.
But now, DPS is backtracking on our agreement, claiming lack of funds despite monumental increases to schools per pupil funding due to our advocacy.
All of us have been feeling the impacts of the rising cost of living from our groceries, to gas prices to housing. Our healthcare benefits costs continue to soar, and the district continues to pass that burden on to our educators, exacerbating our challenges. Educators need and deserve a full COLA now, more than ever.
Stand with us for compensation and COLAs by participating in the actions below!

Take Action!

Become involved in advocating COLAs and Compensation we deserve by taking collective action!

Email Dr. Marrero and Chuck Carpenter Demanding a Full COLA and Compensation

Take a few moments to email the DPS Superintendent Dr. Marrero and DPS Chief of Finance Chuck Carpenter, demanding full COLAs and Compensation.

DCTA COLAs & Compensation Rally – May 13, 2024

Wear your red DCTA t-shirts to work and then join your colleagues for a COLAs and Compensation Rally starting at 3:30 PM outside of the DPS Emily Griffith Campus (EGC).

Once the rally concludes at 5:00 PM we will go inside of EGC for public comment. Members are encouraged to address the DPS Board of Education at public comment.

Attend / Speak at Public Comment – May 13, 2024

Speak at DPS Public Comment on May 13, 2024 and tell the DPS Board, Dr. Marrero and Chuck Carpenter that educators deserve a full COLA and compensation! Click below to sign up to speak!