Silvia Curiel-Torres, Peer Observer

?We can be proud as educators that we were a positive influence.? Silvia Curiel-Torres, Peer Observer   Silvia Curiel-Torres has been an educator for 39 years ? but she started rehearsing for the role long before she ever started teaching professionally. The childhood neighbors of a pint-sized Silvia...

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Monday, March 20, 2017: Bargaining – LEAP

  LEAP Monday, March 20, 2017, 5pm North High School Sandoval Lecture Hall (B243), 2nd Floor   In order for us to win a fair contract, DCTA members will have to show a great level of commitment and perseverance, because DPS will not change their stance on important issues, unless they...

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Dana Berge, Pascual LeDoux Academy

?My students have brought immeasurable joy into my life.? Dana Berge, Pascual LeDoux Academy   As you enter Pascual LeDoux Academy on any given weekday morning, you might hear the familiar sounds of what sounds like morning announcements as little ones scamper down the school?s hallways. On a...

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