DCTA 2021 School Board Endorsement: Xochitl “Sochi” Gaytan in District 2


September 3, 2021

The Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA) Endorses DPS School Board Candidate Xochitl “Sochi” Gaytan in District 2

DENVER, CO – The Denver Classroom Teachers Association endorses Xochitl “Sochi” Gaytan for DPS school board in District 2. This is in addition to their endorsements of Michelle Quattlebaum in District 4, Dr. Carrie Olson in District 3 and Scott Esserman At-Large.

“The Denver Classroom Teachers Association is proud to endorse a leader like Xochitl Gaytan in her election for DPS School Board in District 2!” said Rob Gould, special education teacher and president of the Denver Classroom Teachers Association. “As a DPS parent, public education advocate and a community builder, we know that she has a clear understanding for what our what our students and communities need for the future.”

“Having first handedly experienced the impact of school displacement in her own home but also throughout the community, we need a champion of change like Xochitl to tackle issues and make positive change happen! We know Xochitl is the right choice because she is actively engaged in the southwest Denver community and understands the impact that wraparound services and whole child education will have on our students and their families.”

The DCTA Fund is the group of elected and appointed members of DCTA, whose function is to recommend the endorsement of political candidates who are supportive of public education, students and educators on behalf of the association.