DCTA’s Position on the Denver Mayoral Race

Voters across Denver are receiving ballots for the upcoming municipal election. With that, we have received many questions about candidates that DCTA will endorse; traditionally, we have not endorsed within mayoral races because the Denver School Board is elected by voters to govern and guide Denver Public Schools. DCTA will not make an endorsement at this time. 

We believe it is important for our members to stay informed about the candidates’ positions, especially as they pertain to students, schools, and educators working conditions. We believe that Denver Public Schools needs a partner in the mayor’s office. 

There are candidates who have committed to partnering with educators, the Denver school board, families, and community to work together towards creating the strong, high-quality, and fully supported schools that our students deserve. Unfortunately, other candidates have made promises with education reform groups, who are interested in electing a mayor who will interfere with the governance structure of our local school board. These same groups align with those interested in privatizing public schools, profiting off of students and limiting educator’s voices within the workplace when it comes to planning time, class sizes and joint decision making.

Denver’s next Mayor must partner with many stakeholders to ensure our schools and communities have the resources and wraparound services needed to support educators, students, families and community. Some of these supports and resources include affordable housing, community and school safety, food security, mental health, wellness and worker’s rights. 

Chalkbeat Colorado recently published interviews with each of the candidates running for Mayor. Interviews were conducted with Denver Public Schools on the forefront of each question. We encourage members to read the responses and make an informed decision. Be aware that many candidates will proclaim that their ideas will result in better outcomes for Denver Public Schools however, we believe it is crucial to engage educators and their representatives within endorsements and decision making processes.