DCTA Statement: DPS Selects Dr. Alex Marrero as the New Superintendent

Fellow Members,

This morning the DPS School Board announced their selection of Dr. Alex Marrero as the new superintendent of Denver Public Schools. With that, we share our remarks around the process and the final selection.

We have constantly fought for the learning conditions of our students and the working conditions of educators. In 2017 and 2019, we successfully elected school board candidates who kept our students on the forefront of their decision-making process, rather than corporate interests who have presided over the district over the past 20 years.

During the superintendent search process, the DPS school board has engaged with many students, educators and community members to ensure their needs are met. We are supportive of the DPS Board’s decision to select Dr. Alex Marrero as the new superintendent of Denver Public Schools and look forward to partnering with Dr. Marrero to equitably address the needs of our students, educators and community members. Additionally, we are optimistic that the superintendent and the DPS School Board will work with us to dismantle systematic racism within education as a whole.

In Solidarity,

Tiffany Choi and Rob Gould