February Board Meeting

The Board Meeting opened with a nod to Black History Month and a tour of the DPS schools named in honor of African Americans and their legacies and contributions!? Following that, Board member, Lisa Flores, presented on DPS? Resolution to protect DACA recipients and promote Dream Act action and protections for students and DPS educators alike (Later Board member, Angela Cobian, read names of 5-6 DPS teachers who have DACA ?status? now).? The resolution passed unanimously and renewed our district?s commitment on this very important issue and includes a statement encouraging classroom discussion and support services around affected individuals/policy implications.
In the public comment section of the meeting impassioned young speakers spoke on behalf of Colorado Youth Congress seeking more student voice in DPS matters, a few speakers admonished (one praised) DPS? SPF Ratings process and a speaker requested DPS become a Trauma Informed School District?in part in response to FLA school shooting.? In closing, a large group of speakers from the far Northeast expressed their frustration with lack of quality schools in their neighborhood + fragmented DPS policies that are not equitable for all. (11 different high schools divide their community presently.)? They contrasted low test scores with graduation rates in several NE schools and questioned how kids can graduate if they?re not actually proficient.