In response to the Denver Public Schools Board of Education press conference

We appreciate the optimism by Denver Public Schools that we can get to an agreement and avert a strike and we hope that they come to the table tomorrow with a serious proposal. We want to be with our students in our classrooms.


However, if we are not able to come to an agreement that prioritizes our classrooms over bloated administrative salaries and bonuses, instead of keeping educators in Denver, we will use the only remaining tool left for us and we will strike to demand the schools Denver students deserve.


We have already been at this for 15 months and it is because the district has refused to take our concerns for our students seriously that we are on the verge of a strike. Denver teachers and special service providers remain committed to bargaining and working with the district on a fair, predictable, competitive compensation system and keeping teachers and SSPs in Denver.


Henry Roman, President

Denver Classroom Teachers Association