Join DCTA!

Why Join DCTA?

Belonging to the Denver Classroom Teachers Association brings many rewards and benefits, both professionally and personally. First and foremost, membership in DCTA ? and its partner organizations, CEA and NEA ? creates strength in numbers and the collective bargaining power to fight for improvements to our student, educator and special service provider learning environments. Working together, everyone achieves more.

In addition, DCTA educators gain access to a wealth of professional growth opportunities. Members are also eligible for a variety of group discount opportunities and deals that translate into thousands of dollars saved on home financing, credit cards, insurance, vacations and more.


The Benefits of Membership

DCTA promotes programs that support educational excellence and equity. Through collective bargaining and our own initiatives, DCTA focuses on areas that enhance student achievement, increase multi-cultural awareness and promote collaboration in support of student success.

Collective Bargaining

Both the NEA and CEA provide support to DCTA in the bargaining process with DPS. Our highly trained Bargaining Team works to ensure that our voices are heard on the issues that affect all members and students. In this way, we actively seek to create positive teaching and learning environments that support student success.

In addition to bargaining issues related to salary, benefits and due process, the Bargaining Team works to promote educator voice on critical issues including:

  • Implementing a fair and effective educator evaluation system
  • Promoting school- or site-based, collaborative decision-making
  • Ensuring teacher and school leader hiring decisions are made jointly by each school?s teachers and principal (Personnel Committee)
  • Supporting the District-wide Educational Initiatives Panel
  • Supporting the Teacher Education Fund and initiatives like ProComp
  • Ensuring paraprofessional assistance for grades ECE-5
  • Members of the DCTA Bargaining Team also meet regularly with bargaining teams from other Denver-area school districts to share and receive information about the issues and trends in our region

Educational Excellence & Leadership Programs

DCTA offers seminars, training, and informational materials on topics including:

  • The Colorado State Standards, assessments and school ?report cards?
  • The Teacher Union Reform Network (TURN), a national group of local associations dedicated to transforming our role in improving education in core city school districts across the country
  • The DCTA Training Academy, which offers individual and whole-staff seminars on collaborative decision making, problem solving, managing change, communication styles, effective leadership, licensure requirements, and more
  • Innovative approaches to measuring educator performance, and improving professional practices
  • Partnering with the larger community to enhance educational resources and public understanding
  • DCTA?s Leadership Institute, which offers university credit for courses designed to improve educators? personal and professional skills

The Beauty of a Dollar Saved

In addition to the other benefits of belonging, DCTA members also enjoy many discount programs and perks.

  • DCTA, DCTA-R & DAEOP Attorney Referral Program: Members receive special rates from participating attorneys for non-job related legal matters
  • DPS/DCTA Sick Leave Bank: By donating one sick day a year, members are eligible to access a ?bank? of extra sick days for extended illnesses, maternity or paternity leave
  • NEA Member Benefits: ?Through NEA, members gain access to a host of programs designed to save members money on everything from theme park passes to magazine subscriptions and home mortgages
  • Automobile & Home Insurance via A+ and California Casualty: Members receive significant savings on car and homeowner?s insurance
  • NEA Dues-Tab: ?Members automatically receive no-cost life insurance through this NEA sponsored program
  • NEA Educators Liability Insurance via Horace Mann Insurance Company: Members receive $1 million dollars in liability insurance for protection in job-related criminal and civil actions
  • Free Notary Services are also available at the DCTA office.

In addition, members of CEA and NEA also gain an array of great benefit options. Click here to learn more about NEA Member Benefits.

Join Now!

The easiest way to join DCTA is online, but you can also complete and submit a membership form at the DCTA offices. In addition, eligible individuals can enjoy benefits of membership in our secretaries? union (DAEOP) by clicking below. Finally, retired DPS educators can receive valuable benefits through DCTA-Retired.