Monday, February 6, 2017: Bargaining Session – LEAP


LEAP Negotiations

Monday, February 6, 2017, 5pm
North High School
Sandoval Lecture Hall (B243), 2nd Floor
On February 6, 2017, DCTA and the District went to the table for the second time regarding the Master Agreement. With nearly 150 community members and teachers in the crowd, DCTA brought several witnesses to talk about the subjectivity and predatory nature of our current evaluation system: LEAP. Your bargaining team then presented the District with an official proposal?to replace LEAP with a system that is created collaboratively with teacher input, instead of the District’s current top-down method of decision-making.
Unfortunately, it looks like LEAP discussions will not be revisited until at least April, because Suzanna Cordova?has chosen to attend Board of Education meetings next month, instead of coming to the table to hear from teachers on important issues. As always, we invite her, Tom Boasberg, and any Board member to attend bargaining.
Healthcare benefits were also discussed. DCTA maintained its position that our teachers need better options for health insurance, including an HMO, but the District claimed that adding another plan would be too complicated to manage unless DCTA agreed to give up the monthly allowance of $422 for future teachers who take health insurance through an outside source.
Our next session will take place at North High School, at 5pm, on February 27. Topics of discussion will be announced early next week.
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