Monday, January 23, 2017: Bargaining Session – Healthcare

Thank you to the 75+ teachers, SSPs, and community members who attended our first bargaining session!


The main topic of discussion was healthcare benefits. The District has proposed removing the monthly healthcare stipend for new employees who do not take their insurance through the District. DCTA countered the District’s proposal by proposing an HMO option for all employees that would greatly reduce out of pocket costs for our members.
DCTA also proposed a retention bonus for all employees who work at Gilpin, Greenlee, and Amesse.
You can read the proposals in detail by clicking here
Our next bargaining session will be on February 6, 2016, at North High School, beginning at 5pm. WE WILL BE DISCUSSING LEAP! We need every teacher, SSP, and community member to attend and show their support!