Protect our DACA members and students: Participate in our digital postcard action!

Did you know that there are 20,000 DACA teachers in classrooms all across the US, including Colorado? Did you know that the average age of 3 years old is the most common age of Dreamers upon arrival to the US?

We have a short amount of time to increase pressure on Members of Congress as the window for Congress to act to prevent Dreamers from losing their status is fast approaching in December.

Send a digital postcard to Congress to urge them to pass the Dream Act now!

Why Butterflies?
Butterflies have become the symbol of the beauty of migration and signify transformation and freedom. This art created by Favianna Rodriguez for the NEA, reaches audiences on an emotional level, replacing images of fear with visions of our shared humanity.

On October 25th, NEA and partners will bring the messages to the halls of Congress.

Show Congress that Colorado educators support Dreamers!