Angelina Ursetta

Denver Classroom Teachers Association



May 13, 2022

The following statement can be attributed to Rob Gould, special education teacher and president of the Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA): 

“The Denver Classroom Teachers Association has been constant in our advocacy for high quality and fully supported learning and working environments for students and educators. We know that our students deserve educators who look like them and who share their cultural experiences. Unfortunately, systems of oppression make it seemingly more difficult to recruit great educators of color but to also retain these amazing individuals. 

“It is important that we continue to talk about and act on this issue. Students, educators, families and community members can all agree that we must ensure that educators of color continue to teach and support our students. They also recognize that these educators are constantly pushed out of the classroom and away from the students who need them most. 

“We want to acknowledge and thank our students and our community in Northwest Denver for standing up, amplifying their voice and supporting our BIPOC educators in Denver. Unfortunately, our students continue to see what our colleagues continue to experience, the loss of amazing educators in DPS. They enhance our profession and the lives of our students. When we lose their expertise and passion, our students lose out. 

“Groups like the DCTA Ethnic Minority Advisory Council, the DCTA Black Educators Caucus and the DCTA Latinx Caucus have been fierce advocates for BIPOC students and educators. Because of their advocacy, DCTA and DPS made a joint commitment to social justice and support for BIPOC educators. We are fulfilling this commitment through the implementation of an interest based bargaining approach that is inclusive of multiple stakeholders, specifically our BIPOC educators. 

“We are currently engaged in the interest based bargaining process and we continue to call out school practices that are rooted in systemic racism and white-dominant culture. Educators are working hand-in-hand to dismantle these oppressive systems. Denver Public Schools must uphold their commitment to social justice and support for BIPOC educators.”