Self-Care is Student Care

Be a better teacher by learning how to de-stress and stay focused


The graph above says it all: How many educators can say they?ve experienced these phases year after year. But it?s not just first-year teachers that struggle with mid-year disillusionment. Thankfully, there is a way to reduce the negative impacts of the never-ending cycle of anticipation, disillusionment and eventual rejuvenation. Review the presentation linked below for information on how overworking is not good for anyone (least of all your students) ? and share it with your fellow educators. Inside the presentation are district resources you can use to help you overcome stress and take better care of yourself and your family.


For additional help, attend Rise Up?s Mindfulness Workshop on January 18, taught by Kaiser Permanente psychologists. The training will be held at Lincoln Elementary, 710 S. Pennsylvania in Denver. To register, open your DCTA SLATE and sign up.

Self Care Information & Resources
DCTA Self-Care Info and Resources