Statement Denouncing Separation of Families at the Borders

The Trump administration has been using the despicable habit of separating families at the borders, and using lying tactics to take away children from their parents. These children have already gone through a traumatic event: leaving their families and the life they know to travel a potentially dangerous trip, risking their lives to come to the land of freedom and opportunity. ?Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free?? yet instead of welcoming these refugees, we take the only precious possession some have brought with them, their children, and use them as a leveraging piece. Over 2000 children were taken from their parents as of April, and parents do not know either where their children are, or how to get them back.


There are those who are choosing to seek asylum, along with their children, and are not crossing over into this country illegally. They are not swimming the Rio Grande, or using coyotes to get them across; they are walking across the bridge to ask for asylum. Not only are they told there is no room, those who have crossed into the United States are being told to turn around and go back into Mexico. The act of denying asylum seekers at the border violates both United States and International Law, yet this administration has no problem in doing so. The people who are coming to our borders are leaving their home countries due to extreme violence are yearning to be free, and yet are turned away with complete disregard.


We denounce the abhorrent tactic of separating children from their parents. We denounce the use of tent cities to house the children in the hot Texas desert and declare this as inhumane. We denounce the using of children as a deterrent to come to the United States. We are calling on the President and his administration to stop emotionally hurting already traumatized children in the name of protecting the citizens of the United States.