Strike Assistance Fund

Thanks to the generosity of our community, we have some funds available to disperse to DCTA bargaining unit members to help avoid some of the worst consequences of lost wages due to the strike. To be clear, our strike fund will not be able to make up for all wages lost. Instead, we will be able to make small donations (no donation will be over $500 and most will be significantly smaller) to help reduce some of the worst consequences of lost pay.


In order to make sure we are giving funds to those who need them the most, we are asking those interested to complete our application fully, including the sections that help us assess your level of need. A committee of retired teachers will review each application and determine who is in the most need of assistance. Their determination will be final.


Please note that in order to complete th application, you will need to upload both your February check stub as well as any bill for which you are requesting assistance.