Strike Information Update

Below are a few brief updates on where we stand with the strike.

No strike Monday. Please report to work as normal.? The strike is not cancelled ? only postponed.? In order to be a legal strike, we must wait to hear from the Department of Labor.? This delay is caused by DPS waiting to ask for intervention until last Wednesday.? Once DPS requested intervention under Colorado law we are blocked from legally striking until we hear one way or the other from the Department of Labor.? It is very important that we conduct a legal strike as an ILLEGAL strike would jeopardize your teaching or SSP license and could subject you to daily fines.? If the Department of Labor takes jurisdiction we cannot legally strike until they release jurisdiction.? If they announce they do NOT take jurisdiction, we are free to strike. Once we are cleared by the Department of Labor, we will announce a revised strike date.

DCTA must respond to the notice from DPS within 10 days.? We will send the response as soon as it is completed by CEA attorneys. They are working to complete it as soon as possible. Once the Department of Labor has our response, they have assured us they will make a decision within 14 days, however, it could come sooner.

Important information:

Lesson Plans:?Our legal department has advised us that you are not required to supply your principal with lesson plans. ?A strike is not an absence, it is a work stoppage.?
Teachers on Visas:? The district has already disavowed its statement that they would report striking teachers to the government.?
Nurse delegation:??You have received a letter from Ellen Kelty.? Our legal counsel disagrees with her interpretation of when you can revoke your delegation of nursing tasks.? It is your license that is in jeopardy.? During a strike, you are not available to supervise the delegatee.? It is not a defense to possible license revocation that you were ordered to maintain delegation by your employer.? Our legal department suggests that in the event of a strike, you revoke any delegation you previously made.? DPS nursing managers are free to delegate under their licenses if they wish.?

If you are threatened with corrective action for these or any other strike related issues contact us immediately.??