Thursday, November 16: First ProComp Bargaining Session

First ProComp Bargaining Session
Thursday, November 16, 5:00 pm

Acoma Campus
1617 S Acoma St

With so many teachers now in ProComp, and so many different incentives to be earned, the result has been the creation of an unstable system that is spending more than the ProComp trust is bringing in each year. These negotiations will be crucial to recreating a system that is stable going forward.

The first session of ProComp will include a training on Interest-Based Bargaining where we will dive into the details of how this method of negotiating works. Following Interest-Based Bargaining , DCTA and DPS will be using a third-party to facilitate negotiations. Rather than the two sides pushing proposals back and forth, like we did during the Master Agreement, under this form of bargaining the two sides will spend more time discussing issues and solutions to those issues. Since creating a new compensation system will be a very technical process, we hope that trying a different style of bargaining will allow for a more focused, efficient, and open conversation around the concerns our members have with ProComp. Using Interest-Based Bargaining is a no-risk decision, because if it does not work for either party, we can always decide to go back to the traditional method of negotiating that we have used in the past.