Welcome to Denver Public Schools

To all of the teachers and SSPs entering DPS at New Educator Welcome next week, welcome! We are excited that you have come to DPS. You are joining us at an extremely interesting time, full of opportunities to make a real and lasting change. Before you get into the classroom, we wanted to take a minute and give you a short breakdown of all of the things that your union is working on so that you can be informed and involved heading into your first school year at DPS.


Initiative 93


Earlier this month, we learned that Initiative 93, a ballot initiative that would substantially increase funding for our schools, has gathered what we believe will be enough signatures to get on the ballot in November! Much of our fall work will be focused on ensuring I 93 passes.? You can read more about the ballot measure here.
The Search for a New Superintendent
Last week, Tom Boasberg, the current Superintendent of DPS announced that he would be leaving the post in 90 days. DCTA will be pushing the Board of Education to conduct a search process that ensures parents, students, and educators have a voice in picking the best Superintendent for Denver students.
Compensation Bargaining
You?ve probably already noticed that the current ProComp Compensation System is complicated and confusing. It?s a system that makes it hard for teachers to know how much money they make, or will make in the future, and why, and it?s a system that relies too heavily on one-time incentives. DCTA is currently in the midst of bargaining a new educator compensation system to fix these problems. Our current agreement is set to expire in January, and we hope to get to an agreement as soon as possible to avoid uncertainty going forward, but so far, these negotiations have been very contentious. If we do not reach an agreement before the expiration of the current contract, DCTA members will vote on whether or not to authorize a strike. We are asking all teachers in the District to make it less likely we will need to strike by showing up to our public bargaining sessions to convince the District we are determined to create a truly professional compensation system for teachers and SSPs.
Joining DCTA
As a new teacher in the District, you have the opportunity to join with your colleagues in your professional organization to advocate for your students and yourselves to make this District the best it can be by joining your professional organization. Click here to join.
We look forward to meeting each of you at NEW next Monday!
In Solidarity,